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Car rental Hong Kong

The most colorful place in the world is Hong Kong. It was formed on the site of a small village when the British rented it with the surrounding area and built a port there. But England left, and Hong Kong did not want to join China, accustomed to European freedom. So he remained a separate administrative unit of China.
Hong Kong is a district uniting the islands and part of the mainland land, a beautiful corner of the world with its own distinctive culture, a great place for a vacation. Choosing it as a place of rest, you should worry about the car - it will be very difficult to travel by public transport, when all the inscriptions are in Chinese. Unlike buses and the metro, the signs on all road signs are duplicated in English, so the choice is obvious in favor of the rented car.

If you rent a car in Hong Kong, you need to worry in advance about the availability of international rights, you can ride with them for up to one year. You can ride all over Hong Kong, but you won’t be able to go to China, for this you need other numbers. The most important thing for a motorist is left-hand traffic.

Starting a trip to Hong Kong is with Lantau - the largest island. On it you can see the largest Sitting Buddha, 34 meters high. It is surrounded by unspoiled nature, forests and beaches stretching around, occupying more than half of the island. The island also has the smallest Disneyland in the world. It will be very interesting to go to him - it is entirely made according to the laws of Feng Shui.
You should definitely go to the Wong Tai Sin Temple in the northeastern part of Kowloon, this is the most famous temple in Hong Kong. He has a unique architecture and interior decoration. It occupies about 18,000 square meters and combines three religions.
Going north to the Tin Shui Wai area, you can get into the Wetland Park. This is a huge natural complex where you can find an aviary with crocodiles, a garden of butterflies and birds, reed beds and much more.
We also recommend that you visit Tai Po County. There you can see the coastal park located along the harbor. 22 hectares of parkland, gardens and fountains. There is an amphitheater and an observation tower, which offers an excellent panorama of the harbor and mainland of China.

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