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Car rental in Cameroon

Those who want to look at the pristine nature and interesting customs go to Cameroon, where you can find in abundance both one and the other. It is here that you can get a huge number of vivid and unforgettable impressions of the colorful local life and grandiose landscapes. Here people live in the neighborhood with the wild beauties of nature, which you need to see at least once in your life. Beauty is scattered throughout Cameroon, so the journey will be long. 

If you are going to such an exotic place, you need to prepare in advance for using the only transport in Cameroon for long-distance travel - a rented car. Public transport that works outside of cities simply does not exist, and local taxis are not suitable for this. 
There are practically no roads in Cameroon, the main part is at best a primer. You can rent only a good four-wheel drive SUV, which will allow you to drive on local roads, wet in the rain. Preparing for the unexpected, you can move on. 

Car rental in Cameroon will allow you to visit any picturesque corner of the country. There are a lot of such places, and large distances lie between them. The largest of them, where you should go first of all, is the Cameroon volcano near the Gulf of Guinea. The volcano erupted many times, but nothing could force local residents to grow the famous Cameroonian tea on its slopes. When you reach the city of Fumban in the western part of Cameroon, you should visit the royal palace, which once belonged to the Sultan's family. At the beginning of the last century, the palace was turned into a museum, using Sultan items as exhibits. 

The main part of Cameroon is nature. To see it in all its glory, you need to get a route through the city of Limbe, the former settlement of the colonists. This is a popular resort located on black volcanic beaches. 

On a photo safari, you should go to the Vaza National Park, where in the savannah you can meet wild animals and a large number of exotic birds. Fans of risky enterprises will also be able to find entertainment - you just need to drive three hundred kilometers from the capital, and you can see the most famous lake of Cameroon - the volcanic lake Nios, located in the crater of an extinct volcano. 

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