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Car rental in China

To visit the Celestial Empire, you will need to solve an important question - how to move. In China there are many very interesting places that are worth seeing, but most of them are far from each other. You can join a tourist group, but they have a tight route and schedule. It’s unlikely that it will be possible to stay in a place you like so that you can look at its beauty for a longer time. Fans of thoughtful travel will have to rush for a guide, skipping past all the most interesting or consider the option of independent movement around the country. Moving across the country in your own car leads to fatigue while still on the road, and your travel experiences are blurry. It is much easier to rent a car. On it you can get to the most remote corners of the country, see the beauty located far from the popular hiking trails.

A car rental in China can be arranged within fifteen minutes right at the airport. Having received the car to your taste, you can go to see the sights.A car rental in China can be arranged within fifteen minutes right at the airport. Having received the car to your taste, you can go to see the sights.And you can start by stopping at the airport in Beijing and visiting a large palace complex - the Forbidden City. Regardless of the tourist routes, you can go anywhere while admiring the surrounding scenery. For example, southwest to Shilin. A very beautiful and picturesque place, with the most bizarre pile of rocks in the world, formed on the site of the departed sea. Here the height of the cliffs reaches forty meters. What certainly cannot be seen anywhere else in the world is the Suzhou Gardens. It is worth driving half the country to admire the whole geopark with lakes, gazebos and temples. There you can see a lotus pond and an exhibition of dwarf trees. Here, in the eastern part of China, the Huangshan Mountains are located with thermal springs, smooth lakes and magnificent waterfalls. The impressions of what he saw will be remembered for a long time, and you will want to return here again. The culmination of any route can be the Longmen Cave Temples in Henan. This is a whole system of grottoes, with Buddhist temples located in them. Here you can admire the huge statues of the gods carved in the rocks, reliefs with images of monks and heavenly dancers. This is a place of pilgrimage not only for tourists, but also for local residents from all over the country.

Beres offers you to take advantage of a car rental service in China, whether business or leisure, with the widest choice of class from economy to exclusive, taking into account any of your wishes.

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