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Rent a car in Gabon

Not in every travel agency you can see an offer to fly on holiday to Gabon. However, there is little surprise in this fact. The country is small, located in Central Africa. It can rightfully be called a brilliant find for lovers of extreme tours. But traveling to a “white” person is not worth it on foot. Tsetse flies, mosquitoes, a humid climate and crowds of onlookers can seriously disrupt your vacation. A car rental service in Gabon will help tourists avoid all of the above problems. Plus, the availability of vehicles greatly simplifies the journey through an unknown, but very beautiful and original country. With a car, you can more encompass your eyes.

Where to go in Gabon?

First you need to choose the right season for the trip. It will be a shame if you arrive during the daily rains and a swarm of biting mosquitoes. The best option is a vacation in Gabon from May to September. The weather becomes stable, almost no rain, humidity decreases. On a rented car, tourists are invited to visit places such as:

The reserve of Lope, which reveals all the charm of the shroud with its inhabitants. And some plants are more than 15 thousand years old. You can only get to the place by car.
Kongu waterfalls, which are difficult to reach. Need to rent an SUV with increased cross-country ability. But the beauty of the place will amaze even experienced extreme people.
It’s impossible not to visit the town of Volju-Ntem in the north of Gabon. There are few Gabonese and a lot of pygmies who warmly welcome guests, among whom they are like Lilliputians.

In general, in a small country there are a lot of protected areas. Each has its own story and unique setting. For example, in Birugu Gabon you can find a huge number of elephants. All important sights are scattered from each other at a decent distance. And to inspect them all you will need an SUV. The car will also come in handy for trips around the very capital of Gabon, in Libreville. For example, it is worth taking a look at the luxurious residence of the President of the country. But remember that you can’t shoot it categorically. Just enjoy the visual inspection!

Want to buy exotic souvenirs? Then you will be in the Mont Bue market, where you can find many crafts of local craftsmen. Haggle and get a big discount. For a beach holiday, it is better to choose a complex on the island of Manuzhi. There are a lot of Europeans, fashionable hotels and luxury casinos where you can play.

Our company offers you to use the car rental service in Gabon such a unique opportunity to see the country on your own is a great pleasure for you and your family.

In order to rent the car you need in Gabon quickly and efficiently, you just need to fill out the application form on our website or contact the company manager by phone numbers indicated on the website.

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