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Car rental in Ghana

Ghana is the country in West Africa, the most economically developed in this region. She recently appeared on tourist routes, but there is something to see. This is a culture that is completely different from the generally accepted European model. On the African continent is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

The problem with transportation is obviously solved in favor of a rented car: local public transport is uncomfortable. You can use a taxi, but you will have to travel a lot, so it will be cheaper and easier to rent a car. To do this, you must take care of international licenses in advance. It is better to rent an SUV at the rental office - given that roads are not everywhere, and those that are available are often not of very good quality.

You can start the trip with a trip to Fort Asher, built by the Dutch in 1649. The fort, which has stood for so long, still gives the impression of strength and power.You can start the trip with a trip to Fort Asher, built by the Dutch in 1649. The fort, which has stood for so long, still gives the impression of strength and power.To experience the local culture, it is worth driving 22 kilometers west to the city of Kokrobit, which houses the Academy of African Music and Art. Numerous schools of vocal and dance skills are located here, and various exhibitions, concerts and festivals are constantly held.

Driving further west, you can find the village of Senja Beraco, on the beaches of which surfers gather. Definitely worth a look at Good Hope Fort, founded in 1706. Forts, the remnants of a past civilization, can be found in Ghana.
To admire the nature that cannot be seen anywhere else, you need to make a detour to the north and get to the Aburi Botanical Garden. It was discovered by the British at the end of the nineteenth century. In addition to the surrounding beauties, here you can find many hawkers with souvenirs, and a snack if you wish.
To fully realize that this is the African continent, you must definitely ride to the western regions of Ghana. There are many historical and natural monuments, but it will be much more interesting to look at the old gold mines. Tarqua is the center of the mining industry, from there you can get to numerous gold mines and mines. And to diversify the journey in the western region, you can drive to Lake Akateki and look at the ceremony of feeding the sacred crocodiles living in it, which is held here every day except Wednesday.

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