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Car rental in Lesotho

Lesotho is a small African state that is very popular with tourists. The main distinguishing feature is that the state is one of three countries that are completely surrounded by another state. In this case, it was about South Africa, but this does not prevent the country from developing, especially since there are a huge number of interesting sights and natural sites. The country is actively developing and is a prime example for many.

All natural objects are strictly protected, and most of them are the property of the planet. Therefore, you should definitely visit as many places as possible. You can highlight the main attractions that you should visit:

The royal palace of Maseru. The public administration system of Lesotho is a monarchy, therefore there is a king with his palace. If you want to see how he lives, then you should definitely visit the presented building. Soon a new building will be built in a modern style.

Basuto Craft Center. Lesotho is proud of its craftsmen who can do almost everything with their own hands. Therefore, a colorful building was built in the city center where you can see all the processes taking place in the workshops.

National Museum. It regularly hosts exhibitions, fairs and shows. The building is made in a traditional style.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory is the most beautiful building in Lesotho, made in the Gothic style and built by Europeans. There is still a representation of Catholics who own this building.

Mount Taba Bosiu. The place where the king once hid from the hostile opposition. The people of Lesotho really love this place and regularly visit it. In fact, there is nothing beautiful, but according to legend, every stone of the mountain breathes and gives strength to man.

Moshveshwe Citadel. An impregnable fortress, from which only ruins remained today. The most visited place in Lesotho. Once this fortress could not be taken by the colonialists, who for 40 years tried to achieve the overthrow of the king. There are a lot of attractions and you can only see them all by renting a car.

Beres offers you a car rental service in Lesotho.

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