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Car rental in Namibia

The pearl of South Africa Namibia is considered the safest country for tourists. At the same time, the country offers great opportunities for independent visits to national parks and attractions. In this regard, car rental in Namibia is a fairly popular service.

At the same time, a car is fully prepared for a long journey. All-wheel drive cars are equipped not only with a tent mounted on the roof, but also with everything necessary for an African trip. In the huge trunk of the jeep, you can find not only additional spare wheels, but also a freestanding refrigerator, a canister of water, kitchen utensils, a shovel, an ax, grill racks, folding tables and chairs, plus a large lamp and a gas burner. After completing all the necessary documents, payment and detailed instruction, the traveler can go on the road.

When traveling in Namibia, you must definitely see the unique Sossussflay plateau. Its huge sand dunes are painted in orange and peach tones and make a special impression, especially in the rays of the dawn or sunset.

The city of Swakopmund is loved not only by tourists, but also by the country's leadership. This city was German until 1914, after it was occupied by South African troops. Swakopmund still resembles a German province. Thanks to mineral springs, the city is considered a resort. An amazing sight is a mountain range, spread right in the middle of the desert - Spitzkoppe. It was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption, and the wind and rains worked on a bizarre form of unusual mountains. At the foot are many cave paintings that are over 1000 years old. Around Shpittskoppe grazing antelopes, zebras and gazelles. Near the town of Kamanyab there is a cheetah breeding farm. Here you can chat with tame cheetahs and take part in feeding wild predators.

Almost all types of African animals live in Namibian national parks. There are no traces of human activity, and the real owners are numerous representatives of the fauna.

In addition to unique natural places, in Namibia there are interesting museums and churches, as well as the world's largest Khoba meteorite, which did not leave a crater when it fell. To see all the sights of the country, it will take more than one week. However, a rented car greatly simplifies movement around the country and makes it possible to visit the most attractive places without fuss and haste.

Beres offers you to use the car rental service in Namibia, whether it is business or leisure, with the widest choice of class from economy to exclusive, taking into account any of your wishes.

In order to rent the car you need in Namibia quickly and efficiently, you just need to fill out the application form on our website or contact the company manager by phone numbers indicated on the website.

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