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Car rental in Swaziland

Swaziland is a small African state that prides itself on its unspoilt nature. First of all, it is worth noting that there is a small population that slightly exceeds one million, while most of the territories are not populated, due to certain geographical features. The country is located in several zones at once, there are tropics, jungle, savannahs, mountains and all this in a small territory.
Most of the attractions are associated with natural beauties. The problem is that the state belongs to the category of less developed economically. Therefore, a large number of natural and diverse arrays attract customers from all over the world.

Some of the most beautiful places worth visiting are:

✔ Hlane National Park - one of the largest parks on the planet, is in the TOP 10. A large number of animals that you will not meet anywhere on the planet is the main advantage. There are huge herds of antelopes, roe deer, predators, elephants, countless flocks of birds.

 Mlavula Reserve - located on the territory of the tropics and savannahs. There are a large number of plants that are found only in this territory. Therefore, they are under constant protection.

Manteng ethnographic reserve - if you want to get to know the peoples of Swaziland closer, then you should definitely visit this particular reserve. Currently, various traditional performances, customs and much more are held here. A small settlement is represented.

Manzini Market. Probably any city begins with a market, since it is here that all paths intersect. If you want to get acquainted with traditional cuisine, crafts and other areas, then you are sure to come here. A large number of souvenir shops are also represented here.

Ngweni Mine The place where the first metallurgical industry was born. The mine is already 43,000 years old, and ancient people were engaged in the development, the technology of which allowed not only the extraction of metal, but also its processing. Today, the area is a natural landscape where the outlines of a quarry are traced.

The Rock of Nsangwini. The cave paintings presented on the rock will allow you to get acquainted with the history of the region. Swaziland is the place where the modern human race began to emerge.

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