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Car rental in Israel

Israel is probably the most densely populated country in historical places. Here you can relax right away on three seas: the Mediterranean, the Dead and the Red. Immerse yourself in the history of religion, spend several days at health-improving sea and mud resorts, and visit friends and relatives. Renting a car in Israel allows you to effectively use every day you are in this country. The country is narrow and elongated between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It will take only a few days to go around it all, especially if you are by car. Convenient and clear roads almost completely eliminate the possibility of getting lost.

If guests stayed in Tel Aviv and its suburbs, then it is not so far from here to the place of baptism of Jesus Christ. While historians argue about where this important historical event happened, millions of tourists come to the banks of the Jordan River immersed in water. Guests are not tied to sightseeing buses, and public transport in Israel runs far from important tourist destinations. It is not worth focusing on intercity bus routes: they will seriously fail on Saturday and in the evening. Taxis are quite expensive.
Therefore, thanks to the car rental service in Israel, you can easily plan your route around the country. So, for example, to visit the Dead Sea, you can set aside several days, arriving here specially from large cities, or passing to the Red Sea. There are a number of hotels where you can improve your health, or you can turn a trip to the Dead Sea into an interesting excursion. Accessible beaches are open here, it is not difficult to park a rented car.
If vacationers took children with them, then for them in every place there is great entertainment. There are very popular 3D cinemas showing historical films in the native language of tourists about the locality where the guests are now.

No matter which coast you choose as your vacation destination, the Mediterranean or Eilat, you should definitely visit Jerusalem. Here all the attractions are located within walking distance from each other. In a rented car, you can come to the beginning of the old city, where there is a sufficient number of parking lots. All movement between the temples, the Wailing Wall, Golgotha ​​and Via Dolorosa is done on foot here. The car rental service in Israel will allow you to fully enjoy the historical sights and return to the hotel at a convenient time.

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