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Car rental in Jordan

Jordan is rarely on the list of the most popular tours. For most people, the country is associated with deserts and hot climates. Nevertheless, the interest - this kingdom in the Middle East is of great interest to many travelers. There is a beautiful and unique nature, many monuments of attractions. And, once in the country, it will be right to go on a trip by car. Of course, in Jordan there are tour groups and buses. However, this kind of sightseeing is always fraught with a lot of inconvenience. A rental car will give you more options while traveling.

What is worth seeing in Jordan by car?

In the past, great lands were located on the territory of this kingdom. The history of the country covers all the most important periods of human development - from antiquity to the present. And every civilization has left its mark. Renting a car in Jordan will help you better get acquainted with the beauties of the country.

The ancient city of Petra, which is carved into the rock. In the desert part of the country a large number of such settlements are represented.
Medieval castles that have remained here since the time of the Crusaders. They are also many in Jordan - the largest Karak.
 The ruins of Jarash are an ancient settlement in which columns and an amphitheater, as well as other structures that cause awe, are still preserved.
The Royal Tomb is a monumental structure carved into the rock. To this day, it is difficult to understand how difficult and difficult it was to create this beauty.

Enumerate the advantages of traveling by car can be infinitely long. The most important is the opportunity to see all of Jordan. You do not have to depend on the schedule of excursion groups, on the guide. You plan your trip yourself. This is especially convenient if you are family members or friends.

The maximum permissible speed in cities is 60 km / h, and on roads from 80 km / h.

Beres offers you a car rental service in Jordan.

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