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Car rental in the Balearic Islands

What is surprising can be seen on these islands that causes delight of all tourists? These are Gothic cathedrals, endless gardens in which oranges and olives grow, fishing villages and ruins that have preserved the memory of ancient centuries. And, of course, the magnificent sandy beaches, the hot sun, the rich culture and hospitality make the Balearic Islands one of the most favorite vacation spots.

While driving a car, you can scale these beautiful islands. On the roads, local residents behave quite freely, although they drive carefully. Do not be surprised when a car suddenly brakes in front of you on a narrow street - just the driver, for example, decided to admire the surroundings. As in all of Europe, it is customary to let pedestrians pass in the Baleares. On the islands there are no problems with gas stations, even on mountain roads they are located very reasonably. Rental cars are in excellent condition.

By car you can visit:

Fornalucx is a beautiful Spanish village in a cozy valley among the picturesque hills of Mallorca. Here you will find mesmerizing mountain panoramas, steep streets drowning in flowers, and the aroma of orange trees.

 Sa Colobro Bay and Torrent de Pareis Beach is a paradise at the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis River, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The small pebble beach of the bay can hardly be called the best in Mallorca, but it is certainly the most famous and picturesque.

Belver Castle is the former residence of King Jaime II and one of the few round castles in Europe. Today, the XIV century building houses the Museum of the History of Palms. After exploring its exposition, climb the castle tower and enjoy magnificent views.

Dragon's Lair Caves are a natural attraction of the island and its main tourist attraction. If you are not afraid of fire-breathing dragons, feel free to go to the dungeon to see the artificial sunrise over Martel Lake and ride a boat to classical music.

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