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Car rental in Croatia

Croatia is a unique tourist state, which takes on its color and unique history. First of all, tourists sending here to rest should think about transport. A great option would be to use the car rental service in Croatia, as you can travel to more cities and visit many attractions.

Each region of the country is famous for its unique history. Therefore, it is worth considering each city separately and highlighting some of the advantages and what you can look at:

 Dubrovnik is a seaport that has been a trading center since ancient times. Today, besides architecture, its main attraction is the annual carnivals, which in their beauty are not inferior to Brazilian ones. There are a large number of old streets, with unique buildings that are already 300-400 years old.

Mljet is a beautiful island that is part of the Adriatic archipelago. Most of it is covered with forest, which creates a unique feeling. Also here is one of the largest National Parks of Croatia. Most of the tourists come here to relax on the beaches, go hiking.

 Diocletian is a unique palace, built 1700 years ago, and belonged to the Roman Empire. The incredible structure has survived to this day and is a place where millions of tourists from all over the world come together.

Amphitheater of Pula - probably no one will believe it, but it is this building that is one of a kind. No changes have been made since the beginning of its construction. Therefore, today the attraction is the most popular in Croatia.

Korcula is another tourist center where you can really sunbathe on the beaches and enjoy the European atmosphere. This city is also the birthplace of Marco Polo, so there is something to see here.

Hvar is a city that appeared 4000 years ago and still exists. Nowadays, you can really relax and enjoy the vivid scenery.

There are an incredible number of similar cities and attractions in Croatia. Everything is connected with the fact that the country has access to the sea and is located in the central part of Europe, where civilization used to develop.

To go around all the attractions you will definitely need transport, with which you can move around the country and visit as many resort areas as possible. Of course, one week is not enough for everything, so you need to take a vacation for a long period, rent a car and enjoy.

Beres offers you to use the car rental service in Croatia, be it business or leisure, with the widest choice of class - from economy to exclusive, taking into account any of your wishes.

In order to rent the car you need in Croatia quickly and efficiently, you just need to fill out the application form on our website or contact the company manager by phone numbers indicated on the website.


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