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Car rental in Jersey

Visiting the island of Jersey, you will understand that you can’t do without rented transport. You can go around all the sights only in this way. Beres provides car rental in Jersey at the best prices. Moreover, you will save not only money, but also time.

History of the island.

In the IX century. Jersey, like the other Hebrides, was captured by the Norwegian Vikings, who owned this territory until 1266, when, according to a treaty concluded in Perth, she left Scotland. After the Norwegians left the island, several Gaelic clans divided its lands, the largest of which the Mac Clouds and the Mac Donalds were constantly at war with each other, and the authority of the Scottish kings was recognized purely nominally. In 1745, after the failed Jacobite uprising, the “jolly prince Charlie” hid on the island of Jersey for a while before returning to France. Soon after, the British government, having destroyed the clan system, began the ruthless expulsion of local residents, which lasted until 1880, with the result that thousands of families were left without shelter and livelihoods.

Holidays in Jersey.

Today, a trip on a rented car will be the most optimal solution. Therefore, do not waste time. The island is so rich in attractions that they are found here at every step, and listing them all will be quite difficult. But all of them are interesting, diverse, and deserve close attention to tourists visiting the island. Here are the most noteworthy ones:

 Our - stone mounds located south of Quillin, the oldest structures on the island dating back to the III-II millennium BC. e.
Dun Ringyll is a mysterious fortress, erected back in the Stone Age on the Stradair Peninsula.
 Dunayn - the remains of a settlement, whose age is estimated at 3000 years, located not far from the mounds.
Viking Channel - dug by the Norwegians in the XII century. from Loch an der Hayrd to the sea coast.
Dunvegan - a medieval castle, the residence of the leader of the Clan McCloud, built in 1220.

In addition to man-made monuments belonging to different historical eras, on the island of Jersey there are extremely many natural attractions, so amazing and beautiful that they simply cannot be ignored. These include picturesque coastal cliffs, Cape Nis Point, the western slopes of Quillin, the falls on the Ra River, the peaks of The Storr, Old Men of Storr rock, and many other places that you definitely need to see.

Our company offers you to use the car rental service on the island of Jersey - such a unique opportunity on your own this picturesque island is a great pleasure for you and your family.

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