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Car rental in Latvia

Latvia is considered one of the most attractive Baltic countries for travel. To enjoy a comfortable trip and see the maximum attractions of this wonderful country, we recommend that you use the car rental service in Latvia at an affordable price.

You can go on a tour in Latvia at any time of the year. But the trip will be most comfortable from May to September. A favorite destination for tourists around the world is Old Riga. The historical place will surprise travelers with architecture, numerous artists' houses, churches of various faiths and numerous cultural monuments. One of the attractions of the city is Rosen Street. It’s impossible to drive a car on this street, because its width is less than 2 meters.

 Rundale Palace
In the southern part of the country is the Rundale Palace, erected several centuries ago. The architecture of the structure, as well as interior solutions, have been preserved since 1760. The palace has nobility apartments, several observation rooms, a museum and a huge park. The exhibition halls present paintings and objects of applied art.

 Jurmala resort
Going to Latvia, you must include in the list the official resort of Jurmala. Sandy beaches stretch for 25 km. Therefore, there is certainly a place for a comfortable stay. In addition to cafes and numerous restaurants, there is a museum, a theater of paintings, a concert hall and Racene bath. The resort is located at a distance of 25 km from the capital.

 Gauja National Park
In the park with an area of about 90,000 hectares, you can spend the whole day. The country's oldest park offers to see open rock outcrops, numerous caves, cliffs and other forms of relief. The park is characterized by unique biodiversity. In the park there are about five hundred monuments of architecture, nature trails, lake castles. There are places for family and outdoor activities, such as skiing and cycling. In the summer season (May to September), rowing enthusiasts will be able to enjoy day trips to Sigulda.

The listed places are only a small part of the sights of Latvia. But the brightest places are located at a great distance from each other. Therefore, to see historical places, it is recommended to use a car.

Our company offers you to use the car rental service in Latvia - such a unique opportunity to see the country on your own is a great pleasure for you and your family.

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