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Car rental in Macedonia

Car rental in Macedonia will cost you less than any other means of transportation, including public transport.

By car you can reach the most beautiful city of Debar.

Debar is a Macedonian multinational city with approximately 14561 inhabitants, according to the 2002 census. Before the First World War, this number was much higher. There is a city on the banks of the Debar artificially created lake. On all sides it is surrounded by mountains and is located at an altitude of about 625 meters above sea level. The story of Debar goes back centuries. He would have been unknown for a long time had it not been for the Greek astronomer and physicist Claudius Ptolemy, who in the middle of the 2nd century brought him to his map.

After a lot of time, Debar glorified himself as a manufacturer of a unique type of handmade tile. In addition, among the residents were many talented jewelers creating amazing products, as well as craftsmen working with silver. The appearance of the city was pretty spoiled by an earthquake that paid him a visit in 1967. As already mentioned, at the moment, Debar is a small town, but its beauty does not decrease at all from this. Residents are always welcome to any tourists and always show hospitality towards them. The city has gained great popularity among tourism lovers.

Largely due to its excellent natural conditions. It is located among the huge mountains covered with green forest plantations, winding rivers flow below, and the most important attraction is the lake, artificial, but admiring the emerald color of the water. In Debar there are many opportunities for outdoor activities. Take at least snorkeling, swimming in the same artificial lake, or boat trips. And those who love peace and quiet can relax by the riverbank while fishing. Walking is a very useful activity, but it can also be enjoyable if you take a walk in the company of the Debara Scenic Area. By the way, many tourists who come to Debar prefer to stretch their legs first by walking and look at interesting sights before moving on to something active. But cycling and car rides are also popular among them. Debar is not only a beautiful city, but also a healing one. And all because Banista, a hydropathic institution is in its composition. The composition of mineral waters contains some special substances that endow the water with unique properties that can cure various diseases. Largely because of Banista, many Europeans flock to the city who want to improve their health with hydrotherapy.

Our company offers you to use the car rental service in Macedonia, whether it be business or leisure, with the widest choice of class from economy to exclusive, taking into account any of your wishes.


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