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Car rental in Norway

Norway is a country that never bothers. Having been in Norway once, I want to return here again and again, enjoying the most unexpected transitions from winter to summer and not being able to get used to its landscapes.

If you want to know the country closer, to see its most beautiful places, then you need to recognize right away: sightseeing tours are not suitable for these goals. A huge number of tourists and an overly saturated program will bring down a lot of impressions on the tourist, but only the feeling of a movie scrolled at high speed will remain in the soul. An independent trip to Norway is something that will allow you to slowly travel around the country, visit where organized groups rarely go and see with your own eyes all the grandeur of the cold inaccessibility of the mountains hiding the magic fjords or the amazing wooden church near the small town of Heddal.

When planning a trip, you need to foresee and think through all its options. When organizing an exciting tour yourself, it is worth considering the possibility of flying to Norway by plane, and directly on the spot it will be most comfortable to rent a car. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary costs and ensure comfortable movement. By contacting Beres. You can order a car in advance and pay the rent with a credit card, at the same time you can immediately stipulate all the conditions and conclude an agreement by which the car will be delivered to the specified place and time.

Traveling along the narrow mountain roads, twisted by a tight serpentine, you can get to where the excitement is really breathtaking. The real delight among travelers is Quirag - an egg-shaped stone hanging over a crevice at an altitude of more than a kilometer above sea level.

Far north is the ancient Trondheim - the former capital of this interesting country. Traveling from it to Oslo, you can see an incredible number of waterfalls along the way, different in their strength and power, but surprisingly beautiful, large lakes, eternal snows and fast rivers. It is worth noting that along the roads in Norway there are a large number of hotels and campsites where you can spend the night. At the same time, both expensive housing and a budget option for spending the night in a tent are available to travelers.Independent travel in Norway is so impressive that one day after returning you want to return there again.

Our company offers you to use the car rental service in Norway, whether business or leisure, with the widest choice of class from economy to exclusive, taking into account any of your wishes.


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