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Rent a car in Portugal

Traveling by car through Portugal is an unforgettable incomparable pleasure, the roads are perfectly smooth, at most intersections a roundabout is organized. Traffic signs outwardly practically do not differ from Russian ones. Traffic lights in Portugal are solar powered. Also, the main difference between the Portuguese roads is that speed bumps are extremely rare here, there are no video recording cameras - since an invasion of privacy is unacceptable here.

It is worth noting that in Portugal, a fine for an unfastened seat belt ranges from 250 to 1200 euro or deprivation of a driver’s license..

The main attractions of Portugal that we recommend you to visit:

Church of Our Lady - Nazare.

A sacred relic of the church is a wooden sculpture of the Mother of God in the image of the Black Madonna. She traveled with a monk around the world before staying in the caves of Nazare. The sculpture of the Madonna is stored here and is the subject of mass worship of believers.

Observation deck with ocean views.

The beach is famous for its white sand, mini trains run along the beach promenade, as well as many beach restaurants.

Alcobasa. Monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobasa

The medieval monastery of the 12th century, founded by the first Portuguese king Athos Enriques, served as the tomb for the nobility. The monastery was the center of craft work on metal, weaving and painting in the XIV-XVI centuries.

The cathedral of the monastery is the first Portuguese building made in the Gothic style. In the XVIII century, under Manuel I, the monastery complex was expanded and updated in the Baroque style. During the invasion of Napoleon, the monastery was plundered by the French, so all the relics were lost.

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