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Registration of an international driver’s license.

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I'm going to Spain with friends, tell me if they will give me a car, if at the time of receipt Will my driving experience be 10.5 months?  

No, unfortunately, under the terms of all international rental companies, driving experience must be strictly more than 1 year.
Please note that in some countries (for example, Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia), as well as  for booking and driving luxury cars, driving experience must be more than 2 years.

Please answer a very urgent question, what exactly are International Laws and where do they get them. Thanks in advance. Your potential customer.

The form of an international driver’s license is an A6 format book (148 x 105 mm) and is, in fact, a legal translation  national rights in Russian, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic,  Japanese and Chinese, respectively. The issuance of international driver’s licenses is carried out by the Central Traffic Police of each region or the Central Internal Affairs Directorate at the place of residence without passing exams. Rights are granted for 3 years and are valid in more than 120 countries of the world. International rights must be granted along with  national driver’s license.

If you take a car in Italy, then it can go to Germany? Then return to Italy ... ..

Of Italy drive out at Germany perhaps on the any classroom a car.

Tell me, can I be a leading driver, if I have only rights, and my husband will have a credit card?

According to the terms of international rental companies, all documents (cr. Map  + international law + national law + voucher) must be issued for one person - one leading driver.
You can be issued an "additional driver". Please note that the "additional driver" is a paid service, the cost of which depends on the specific country and the conditions of the international rental company (the average cost of this service is 5 Euro / day)

What information is needed for the application?

To book a car, detailed information is required, which you must enter in the standard application form posted  on our website. Please note that it is necessary to indicate all the details of your reservation that you consider important.

What is VAT?

VAT or TAX is a value added tax (VAT) established by a specific country in a certain amount.  You can find out more about the conditions for VAT refunds in the country of interest to our managers in case of renting a car.


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