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Good afternoon! Everything was very professional, clear and responsible at all stages of "cooperation". Thank! Be sure to contact you on your next trip!

Olga Milevskaya, 09/15/2011

The first time they took a car with a friend in Germany. I was the driver alone, maybe my friend doesn’t drive. It turned out that it’s more convenient for us to drive and make purchases. At first it was a little scary, after all, the country is different, but it got used to it quickly - and the driving culture is not an example better than ours, Russian. We extended the rental to 7 days through the girls in Beres - they helped us a lot and most importantly quickly. Thank! Next time we will contact you again.

Pankratova Veronika, Moscow, September 1, 2011

of Beres, whose managers helped me urgently book a car in Croatia. I rested with my sons (7 and 11 years), and it was important for me that the car was guaranteed to be the same as I had planned and in a short time. In the end, everything turned out well, took a car for 4 days and managed to see the sights without paid excursions at the hotel, it turned out cheaper and faster in time. Children liked it more than before when they traveled by bus for excursions. On the way we stopped when we needed, drove into the shops - conveniently, and I myself planned my time, my own mistress. Thanks again! Our family was very pleased with the rest.

Lyudmila Kozyryaeva

Пользовался неоднократно услугами компании, все было без проблем, единственное последний раз брал а/м на новый год, в Риме в эропорту, в компании Европкар, 2 часа стоял в очереди на оформление арендного договора,  but this is not a claim, just a warning so that others know and correctly allocate time.

Makarov Alexander

Took a car in the Avis company in Munich, paid for the rental all in Moscow, at the end of the Avis rental  wrote off about 110 Euro, called BERES, they asked for an extract, and after a couple of days, they sent a reply from Avis that the amount was written off for superinsurance. I read in the contract that I signed with BERES that they could be offered to arrange superinsurance on the spot. Unfortunately, I don’t know the language, an employee who has been messing around in his language for a long time, and has shown where to sign, well, so I signed for 110 Euro. So be careful when drawing up the contract on the spot.

Chernyshenko Dmitry

I have been a client of this company for over 5 years. I take the car during the rest and when I'm going on a business trip. The girls-managers work clearly, confirmations are already being given the next day and all the rental information is reported!  Once it was that instead of the reserved category in France, at the company National / Citer, they gave me a car class lower. The BERESA manager wrote a complaint to the customer service department at National, they sent an official letter of apology, the car that I had prepared was handed over to me with damage by the previous client, and there were no other vehicles of this class or higher. I recalculated and received an additional discount  for the next reservation. 

Parshin Andrey

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