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Car rental in Martinique

Martinique is one of the hundreds of islands that stretch out in the Caribbean. Most importantly, they attract travelers - a warm climate, a snow-white beach and beautiful nature.

The trip is worth it, because the positive emotions here are amazing. Renting a car in Martinique will make your trip as comfortable as possible. Among the reasons why you should book a car rental on the island are:

Very hot and humid climate, which is easier to carry in an air-conditioned car in the passenger compartment;
Winding and mountainous roads, on which the descent and ascent require great physical effort, and by car it is faster;
High level of road safety, which makes your trip not only comfortable, but also simple;
The lack of strict rules and affordable prices for rental cars.

See for yourself, because you can rent a car right upon arrival at the airport. Martinique meets with a pre-selected car with a full tank. For registration of the service, it will be necessary to present international driver's license

What to see in Martinique?

Despite its small size, the island hides a large number of attractions under its dense greenery. Most of them are not made by hands, but natural. You can make a map of the route in advance and go around all the memorable places in order to capture them on camera and see firsthand. So, having a car, be sure to visit:

La Sawan Park, which is a real savannah with rare animals. In the park, family picnics and recreation are allowed;
The town of St. Ann, which by our standards does seem like a village. But the uniqueness of the place lies in its colonial past, as evidenced by the houses;
Ethan de Salin is a small lake located on the island. The water here is salty and, according to local residents, medicinal. Therefore, it is worth swimming;
The volcano Mont Pele is considered extinct, so all tourists are allowed to climb to its crater. Take advantage of this offer and visit the top.

You can not ignore the Roma Museum, which invites all guests to taste this wonderful drink. Also on Martinique are stunning beaches, romantic looking bays. Using a rented car, you can explore many attractions in a short time - a couple of days will be enough.

Beres offers you a car rental service in Martinique.

In order to rent the car you need in Martinique quickly and efficiently, you just need to fill out the application form on our website or contact the company manager by phone numbers indicated on the website.


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