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Car rental in the USA

The USA is a country where there is simply nothing to do without a car. Almost every ordinary American has a car, because it is impossible to move around such a huge territory without it. Renting a car in the USA will help you to see America, feel its spirit, and enjoy your vacation.

If you want to see a memorable America, then drive and go to the following attractions:

✔  Mount Rushmore, carved into the rocks with bas-reliefs of 4 US presidents. It looks quite impressive, given the height of 19 m. The mountain is located in South Dakota;
  Niagara Falls is a real miracle of nature. You should definitely visit this energetically powerful place, where the roar of falling water captivates your attention;
✔  The Golden Gate of San Francisco is another place that emphasizes the greatness of America. Located in sunny California, on the west coast;
✔  The Grand Canyon is another natural wonder that exists only in American Arizona. It is impossible to get to this place without a car, but the path pays off with the beauty of the place.

Of course, the above attractions are just a drop in the bucket. When driving a rental car in the United States, you should also visit Las Vegas, where parties never end. You will be impressed by Hoover Dam, Monument Valley, legendary Route 66, Yellowstone Nature Reserve, Hollywood Walk of Fame and more.

Features of driving a car in the USA:

The USA is a country in which everything is subject to the law. Therefore, if you are counting on a trip to America without excesses, then you need to take into account traffic rules. In particular, you cannot overtake school buses, you must adhere to a set speed, you must not transport open alcohol in a car, etc. Be sure to read all the requirements.

Beres offers you a car rental service in the USA.

In order to rent the car you need in the USA quickly and efficiently, you just need to fill out the application form on our website or contact the company manager by the phone numbers indicated on the website.

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