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Car rental in Australia

Australia is often called the green continent. In the eyes of tourists and emigrants, it is drawn on the island of freedom and tranquility, where a high standard of living and eternal summer. All this is true, so the desire to get into this state is quite justified. And, if your dream has come true, then you cannot help but notice that Australia is an automobile country.
The whole continent and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of roads. You will definitely need a car to explore all of Australia. At least for the convenience of movement within the same city. Car rental in Australia will help you solve the transport issue. And at the same time it will contribute to your freedom of movement, and will help to see many interesting places.

What to see in Australia?

In many ways, this is an unusual country, which makes guests wonder at everything. Here, plastic money, koalas and kangaroos, funny people and many natural attractions. By renting a car, which is inexpensive, you can go straight to places such as:

  The Great Barrier Reef is the main symbol of eastern Australia. Drive to the nearest beach, find a diving center and dive into the underwater kingdom;
  12 Apostles - a picturesque place off the coast of Victoria, where there are limestone pillars. Unfortunately, the apostles are no longer 12, as some are destroyed by the waves;
  Sydney is a whole city in which it is worth traveling by car between the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and other attractions;
✔  To the west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are located - a wonderful place that impresses with its grandeur and beauty, the dense planting of eucalyptus trees.

List all the attractions of Australia for a long time. But with the help of a car, you can definitely see all her beauties in person. Taking, for example, a rental car in Sydney, you can easily drive it to the west coast - to Perth.

What you need to know about Australia

The green continent is on the list of countries where left-hand traffic is used. The first hours of travel will be a bit unusual, but by evening you will already be 100% comfortable. It is also allowed to turn around on a double solid line, which is unthinkable for European or Russian roads. Much attention is paid to security. It is forbidden to maneuver near school buses, exceed speed or ride with unfastened belts (all passengers must be fastened).

Beres offers you a car rental service in Australia.

In order to rent the car you need in Australia quickly and efficiently, you just need to fill out the application form on our website or contact the company manager by phone numbers indicated on the website.


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